London69Escorts: Norma at the Sofa


I saw her photo at the gallery of the London69Escorts website that I visited. I made the search a week before my holidays, following my friend’s suggestion that London escorts were all gorgeous and skilled in any kind of companionship. Her name was Norma, 22 years old. I viewed her profile and learned further about her interests, vital statistics, hobbies and educational qualifications. I did not expect her to be a university graduate, but she was. I made a booking.

On the first day of my vacation, I called up the agency to confirm my date with Norma. I waited at my hotel room nervously. It was not my first time to pay for a girl’s time and companionship, but there is something about her that made me so excited about our meeting.

There was a knock and I knew it was her. I opened the door. She was there, more stunning than her gallery photo. Gorgeous! And I felt that the attraction was mutual. She was looking at me admiringly too. I let her in, gave her a strong embrace and a peck on her cheek. Then we proceeded to the private lounge. We were served champagne and tasty nibbles.

I liked the way Norma drank her champagne. I was aroused by how her lips moved while sipping her drink. We talked about little things about each other and London’s way of life. It was as if we were a couple for years; we were very comfortable with each other. When seductive glances were exchanged, we sensed that we should give way to our urges.


Feeling adventurous, I intended to fuck her here on the lounge; there was a big sofa on the side that contributed to the nice ambience of the room. I walked to where Norma was standing by the window, placed my arms across her waist. She was breathing heavily already. I noticed that she was quickly aroused by my touch. Without waiting a second I placed her on the sofa and undressed her. I started kissing her all over while all the while I was also fumbling with my shirt and trousers.

She gasped when she saw my erect, big cock. I positioned myself to penetrate her and slowly and carefully I started to enter her pussy. Norma was going wild with pleasure. I moved my dick in and out and she pressed my ass so that I could drill harder and deeper. She was moaning and growling and crawling up the sofa. We both tried to hold back our climax. We made love and experimented with every style that was known to us. I pumped her again, this time at a faster pace, until we reached our climax together.

I enjoyed having sex with Norma and asked for her again on my third night at the hotel. It seemed that I couldn’t get enough of her each time we met. She tried so much to provide me with a different experience on every date and has taught me other things that I had not known from other girls.

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