Online Dating Made Simple


My name is John, I am 56 years old and I am a Business man. Although I am good with building successful  business, I have never had time to build my own family.   Because of my job projects, I travel a lot, so much that I can’t  make plans with my friends.  It’s well known that if you want to keep a friendship or a romantic relationship alive you need to invest time on it. Too much time.. I’m not snob, I was awared that my life would be much happier, fulfilling and productive If I would have someone near me with whom  I can share my success and my disappointments as well.

 I love being a leader, but it’s a tough life; less honest people which I can trust. I thought that you can’t have everything that you’ve ever wanted; you have to choose between love and money. My belief has been spoiled in the day I met Volker, my German friend.  He has recently happily married with a very beautiful, nice and honest Romanian women who he met, guess how?


By a website; one special made for people like us…successful, always on rush, who look for love and stability. Really I didn’t believed a word, but because of my business background I said “ok, so which is the basic quality of a leader? Have no limits..test everything”.

So, I took the advice of Volker, I enter on the website ,  I chose the premium package for which I paid less then it worth it, I wrote my name used on facebook (to be easily found by women) and I gave them all the details about how I imagine my soulmate. I specified precisely that I want a woman that likes to improve herself all the time by researching and studying, between 25- 38 years old, beautiful, blond hair, blue eyes, tall, well educated and willing to make a big beautiful family ( I like children, so why not? ) and then… I pressed Enter!

That enter changed my life! In a short time I was invaded with dozens of friends requests from women. I started talking with those who I liked because the personality and the chemistry is much more important for me than a pretty face, but I was impressed to see that they approached very much to my form which I completed in the beginning.

In less than a week I’ve met Andreea, my smart, beautiful fiancée. So easy? Yes.. so easy. Hard to trust, easy to try.

Remember the leader quote I told you before?  “have no limits..test everything!”

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