What to Wear on a Date


Dating has many stresses; one that is almost universal is what to wear and what not to wear on the date. A good choice may help impress a first date; a bad choice will impress the date, but probably not favourably. The goal of dating fashion is to be memorable, sensual and fashionable and probably not laughable, trashy and designer-obsessed.


Don’t dress up like anything stupid, hiding your true self with shapeless clothing – but also don’t dress like you are trying to make a statement, especially on a first date. For example, a man may be a video game fan, but he does not have to wear a T-shirt on the date that proclaims it to the world, unless he is sure his date would approve. For a woman, showing too much skin may leave a bad impression.

One should highlight his or her best features by wearing clothes and colours that enhance them; draw attention with clothing design features, brighter colours or jewellery near the feature you want to highlight. You should dress for your age, not something your grandmother or pre-teen sister would wear; dressing too old or too young for your age is a definite way to be remembered as laughable.



Circumstances of the date dictate how to accomplish this. In case of a ball game, shorts and a shirt may be appropriate for women. One should not overdress by wearing something too fancy, as if like you’re desperate and trying too hard.

If it is for a very casual date, do make a T-shirt sensual but not trashy. It is better to choose a structured T-shirt designed for women; T-shirts are cut to fit a woman’s curves and often feature alluring necklines. Please don’t wear boxy, unisex T-shirts unless your goal is to look boxy and unisex; also do not attempt to cut them or tie them up to make them look sexy. It is a serious mistake and will make you look like you did not know where to find a decent shirt.

Do avoid micro-shorts like those worn by Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazard; even a casual date like a ball game is not an excuse for showing too much too soon, unless it is your goal.


If you are for a more traditional dinner date, do attempt to channel the style of Audrey Hepburn, not Pamela Anderson Lee or Courtney Love. The right hand rule of thumb is the following: in case if the dress has a low neckline, it should have a higher back and not be slit high on the side. Similarly, in case if a low back is the sensual part of the dress, it should have a high neck.

Mostly fabrics that accentuate a woman’s figure are good choices; but fabrics that look like they were painted on are not. Do always avoid anything ripped, transparent or faded. Here the main point is to look sensual with subtlety; you do not want to be the talk of the room for the wrong reason.

Fashionable or Trendy

Classic styles such the ever appealing “little black dress” are always in vogue and such styles can be accompanied with accessories in ways that display your personality without overdoing it.

Do avoid looking like a walking advertisement for a design house; few well-chosen designer accessories can enhance an outfit, but dressing from head to toe in a designer’s products makes you look more like a fashion item.

In case for men, a sport coat and pants is classy. Those for a truly fancy dinner date, a man should always choose a dark-colored business tuxedo. A word of caution-do not wear something that looks like it came from the set of some Hollywood film, unless you are going to attend a costume party. Your date may not share your sense of irony.

Attractive, appropriate clothing can enhance one’s confidence and shine one’s personality such that he or she can impress the dates, if all else fails try the best UK dating sites.

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